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Heartfelt Dog Poems

The Pugs
For Jean
My Heart Belongs to a Pug
For Zoe on her anniversary
Little D
A Dog's Plea
A Faithful Dog
A New Life
My Friends, My Pug
Senior Dog

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The Pugs

By Sandy Glasscock

Eleanor & Theodore, my Best Friends
Running & playing, on cold days, staying in
Looking sad, sometimes bad
But when I sit with them, they're always glad.

Couch potatoes, cuddlers,
Must have the human touch
Ankle biters, snoring and such.

Cute chubby puppies, that win over your heart
Before getting to the housebreaking part.
Loves to take walks and go to the park
But at every tree, must stop and mark.

Happy to see me when I walk in the door
Magna & Doodle (2016)

And always ready for a ride to the store.
Hoping for ice-cream on the way home
But is perfectly satisfied if they just get a bone.

Eleanor is strong-willed, hyper and quirky.
If it's raining, she won't go out, she might get dirty.
Theodore is a calm, loving, quiet gentleman
But it took him six months to learn to shake hands.

People with pugs have a special place in their heart
For a pet that doesn't have to be smart.
They keep us warm on cold winter nights
Because their talent is cuddling,
And they do it just right!!!

For Jean

By Michelle Santon
Today I woke up, knowing what the day would bring.
I would lose my little girl,
To a disease causing you so much pain.
I looked into your deep brown eyes,
And I knew what I must do.
When they looked at me so lovingly,
I knew you were ready to go, too.
I held you in my lap,
So close to my heart.
I felt your heart beat,
I didnít want to part.
I steadied myself as I got out of the car,
Carrying you with such care,
The tears they flowed,
All over you nose, but this I didnít care.
I watched the clock,
I watched you,
I listened to each breath
That you took.
When our name was called,
I held you tight,
Oh, my sweet Jean,
I so wanted to fight!!!
Your little body was so frail and small.
Shenanigans (2013)

But you kept your eyes on my face,
And wagged your tail to let me know,
You were aware of me.
The first injection was given to you,
And I watched you slowly fade to sleep.
My hand rested on your heart,
To make sure I felt your last beat.
When you started snoring,
I knew it was time,
I turned you over,
To watch you die.
It happened quickly,
You were gone.
You were at peace,
This I know.
Jeannie, you were not with us,
For long enough I donít think!!!
But I tried to give you all I could,
From bones to lots of treats.
I prayed for you everyday,
That your health would not fail.
You were here much longer than I could have ever hoped,
So freely you must go.
Go and be happy, with Samantha by your side.
Wait for me to join you,
As I live out my life.
Just know that you were loved, my sweet girl,
By your forever Mommie down below.
I wish you could have been here longer,
Trevor (2010)

But Iím just glad we got to have you at all.
Rest in Peace sweet girl.


By Michelle Santon

Beautiful, Happy
Running, Playing, Barking
Home, Family, Wire, Cage
Starving, Dying, Crying
Fearful, Hungry

My Heart Belongs to a Pug

By Jim Figart
Big brown eyes and wrinkled brow,
A playful ball of fun-
Once that Pug was in my arms,
My heart was quickly won.
Running, jumping, chasing toys-
A dog that loves a game.
Eli (2004)

I found that when that Pug moved in-
My life was not the same.
Sprawled beside my chair at night,
As each day finds its end-
I'm grateful for the blessing
Of my Pug, my loving friend.

For Zoe on her anniversary:

One year ago today,
Your mommie and daddy brought
You home to stay.
I didnít want to think of you as pitiful,
As you struggled with so many things.
Zoe, my sweet girl, you couldnít even walk hardly a step.
I looked at this sweet bundle,
So unnourished and loved.
I didnít know what would happen,
But I swore I would not give up.

Neighbors asked what was wrong with you, and when I explained,
I tried not to cry, for I didnít want to admit,
That you had lived such a life,
And that no one cared if you even existed.
Jackson (2005)

I canít believe it is a year gone by,
That you graced us with your presence.
You fill our home with light, with kisses
And delight.

ZoŽ, to look at you now, no one would
Ever know.
Of the struggle you had gone through,
Just to get to our home.
You are a pudgy, beautiful girl,
That is just like a weeble wobble.
You love to chase and play,
And bark when you donít get your way!

The scar that seemed so huge,
Is not noticed anymore.
It is just a reminder of all the
Evil you had to endure.
I noticed you seem stiff,
From all of the broken bones
Youíve had. But you never stop smiling,
Or wagging your tail instead.

I have never seen a baby
Whoís eyes shine so bright.
They look just like stars,
Dancing in the night.
Zoe, you have taught me,
All about kindness and love.
You have taught me to have faith
In the Heavenly Father above.

You have a spirit that is like no other.
You never once gave up, regardless
Of how hard things had become.
My sweet ZoŽ, thank you for
Being in our life.
Doug (2003)

You have taught me so many things,
Many of which I had never seen.

Zoey, when I hug you so tight,
And smother you with kisses,
Always know that it is because,
You have filled every wish.
Happy Anniversary sweet, beautiful Zoey,
My little dancing girl.
By Michelle Santon


By Michelle Santon

A little boy pug,
Who lost an eye.
Sat alone at the shelter,
Just biding his time.

Rescue was called,
And was told to hurry,
The little boy was to be
Renoir & Rembrandt (2011)

Put down that day.

I picked up this skinny bundle,
All battered and bruised.
He shook in my arms and
Was so confused.

I brought him home,
And he couldnít believe what he saw,
Four pugs and two
Elkie dogs!J

I watched as Gunther
Thrived in our home.
He loved to sleep and
Chew on his bone.

I fell in love,
With this skinny oleí pug,
I wanted him to be mine,
I wanted him to love.

I thought about him everyday,
And couldnít wait to get home.
Gunther would be waiting,
He knew he was no longer alone.

I watched him gain weight,
And take pleasure in play.
He raced with our babies,
And would crawl in our laps at the end of the day.

I thought, ďYou need to be mine,
I will love you until the end of time.Ē
But in the back of my mind,
I knew what I must do.

you were adopted,
By a wonderful family.
Kiki (2011)

They were so excited to have you,
Just like I would be.

My heart aches because you are no
Longer here.
I feel so selfish as I shed all of these

I have six wonderful babies,
Who all need my love.
But, Gunther, you were my first,
My first foster to love.

I know in my heart,
I did the right thing,
I miss you so much,
It is just not the same.

I hope you will forgive me,
For grieving like I do,
It is just so hard for me
Too lose such a wonderful baby as you.
Spring (2006)

are my sweet boy,
Be happy in life.
Your foster mommie love you
More than she can ever express.

Little D

From the day I was born something was wrong with me
For my life it was decided I would never see
Never see the green grass where I loved to run and spin
Or never see where my kisses fell, on my Momís chin
I wanted to prove to everyone I would be okay
But the doctors had something else to say
They said my little body was losing the fight
The battle was no longer just the loss of my sight
Mom told me she loved me and as tear fell from her eye
She cried that she wasnít ready to say good-bye
I kissed her and I love you I tried to say
As I listened to her that night pray
She asked God to help her do the right thing
For him to take me away to hear the pug angels sing
Broken my body may be forever
Broken will my spirit and soul be never.
By Kim Ohlinger

A Dog's Plea

By: Anonymous:
    Treat me kindly, my beloved friend, for no heart in all the world is more grateful for kindness than the loving heart of me.
    Do not break my spirit with a stick, for though I might lick your hand between blows, your patience and understanding will more quickly teach me the things you would have me learn.
    Speak to me often, for your voice is the world's sweetest music, as you must know by the fierce wagging of my tail when your footsteps fall upon my waiting ear.
    Lay Down Sally (2017)

    Please take me inside when it is cold and wet, for I am a domesticated animal, no longer accustomed to bitter elements. I ask no greater glory than the privilege of sitting at your feet beside the hearth.
    Keep my pan filled with fresh water, for I cannot tell you when I suffer thirst.
    Feed me clean food that I may stay well, to romp and play and do your bidding, to walk by your side, and stand ready, willing and able to protect you with my life, should your life be in danger.
    And, my friend, when I am very old, and I no longer enjoy good health, hearing and sight, do not make heroic efforts to keep me going. I am not having any fun.
    Please see that my trusting life is taken gently, I shall leave this earth knowing with the last breath I draw that my fate was always safest in your hands.


By: Vicki Rank
    I got her from the pet store
    They gave her to me free
    My boss said 'Get her out of here'
    That's how we came to be
    She was not of perfect standard
    Like a great Boxer should be
    She had a crooked nose
    And really crooked teeth

    I had another dog at home
    My shepherd-husky mix
    Napoleon (2007)

    Raz would have no problem
    It was my husband who had fits

    I hid her underneath my coat
    Into the house we snuck
    He said,'Nope, nota nuther dog'
    And that`s the name that stuck

    As with any other dog
    Puppyhood was hell
    When it all was said and done
    She`d trained us pretty well

    She went with me eveywhere
    Always by my side
    In the car, to work, vacations
    Even on boat rides

    `Not' was always there for me
    Thru laughter and thru tears
    We held each other sacred
    For over fifteen years

    She told me it was time to go
    Cuz she was tired and old
    I know we'll meet again someday
    My Rainbow Bridges `Pot of Gold'

A Faithful Dog

By: Anonymous
    A Faithful Dog Will Play With You
    And Laugh With You -Or Cry-
    He'll Gladly Starve To Stay With You
    Nor Ever Reason Why,
    And When You're Feeling Out Of Sorts
    Somehow He'll Understand
    He'll Watch You With His Shining Eyes
    And Try To Lick Your Hand.
    His Blind, Implicit Faith In You
    Is Matched By His Great Love -
    Gorak (2004)

    The Kind That All Of Us Should Have
    In The Master, Up Above.
    When Everything Is Said And Done
    I Guess This Isn't Odd
    For When You Spell "Dog" Backwards
    You Get The Name Of God.

A New Life

By: Heidi Penrod (2004)
    Today I awaken, again with fright,
    It's so that I can't tell if it's day or night.
    I'm cold and wet, whimpering in pain,
    Not bothering to bark out loud, for I know it's in vain.
    I wonder if today is the day that I will eat,
    To ease my mind, instead I lick my sore feet.
    Wait, what's the noise and commotion outside?
    Running in circles, there's no place to hide.
    My cage door opens to the bright sun glowing above,
    Gentle hands reaching in, contact I have been void of.
    Holding me close as I shiver with fear,
    Comforting words whispered in my infected ear.
    Looking around, I see so many of us, yet I had always felt alone,
    So many other dogs and puppies, to me had been unknown.
    Lights flashing, humans talking rapidly, I'm in a warm car,
    Wondering where I am being taken, for this is all so bizarre.
    Kreskin (2012)

    Into a house, a first for me, and given a warm bath,
    Food in my tummy, first time in days, I must be on the right path.
    I'm learning what it's like, sleeping in the warmth of a soft bed,
    Snuggled up close with other's like me, comforting my little head.
    This wonderful new life of mine is something to behold,
    It's just the start, only the beginning I am told.
    For one day, someone will take me to a special place to call my own,
    For there, I will be spoiled and loved in a place I'll call home.
    The gratitude and thanks go to the many who saved us from life in hell,
    The pain, suffering, hunger and death, we have all bid farewells.
    The rescue people cry for the ones that didn't make it,
    I try to comfort them with my charm, antics and wit.
    They laugh at me, scoop me up and kiss on my face,
    I don't know if I'm ever going to want to leave this place.
    The rescue people tell me it gets much better than this,
    In my forever home, I won't have to share my human's kiss.
    I'll miss my rescue friends where my new life started,
    They will never be forgotten, even though we've parted.
    I'm as happy as a dog can be in my new home,
    My own bed, soft toys, good food and a yard to roam.
    I send my puppy prayers to heaven each night
    Blessing the rescue workers, who never give up the fight.

My Friends, My Pugs

By: Sam Greatorex (2006) - pictured with Basil and Peaches
    Donít look at my pugs and think theyíre ugly
    Because of their squashed in face.
    Itís just one thing that makes them perfect,
    In every single way.

    You may find their snorting disturbing,
    Their snoring just as bad.
    But Iíll tell you this for nothing,
    Theyíre the best dogs you could have.

    Magna & Doodle (2016)

    If you were to see them,
    I know youíd feel the same.
    To look into those big bog eyes,
    Theyíll ease away your pain.

    Iíll tell you why I love them,
    ĎCause when Iím feeling down,
    Theyíre loyal, trusting and happy,
    And theyíre always around.

    Youíll never know the pleasure,
    When needing loving hugs,
    They always come a waddliní
    My wrinkly little pugs.

Senior Dog

By Kyla Jones to her forever pug Roy

A treasure trove discarded,
Just because the chest looked old.
Opal eyes, silver fur
And heart of antique gold.

A soul of deep devotion breathes
Within that form grown frail,
And happiness still dances,
In that joyous, crooked tail.

Your eyes donít register the glow
Of sunlight from above,
Zephyr (2012)

But see, with sharp acuity,
The inner lights of love.

Your ears don't hear the words of love,
Whispered in the dark,
But your heart hears every syllable
And answers in your bark.

I cannot make you young again,
And I'm not sure I would.
Your years have made you who you are,
A treasure, bright and good.

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