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Recent Updates:
04/24: Hot Dog Collars Added to the External Links Page
04/21: Thank you Lisa M. for your generous donation.
04/15: Welcome Chanda Porter W. Our newest OPR member.

Upcoming OPR Events:
05/26/18: 20th Annual OPR Reunion & Fundraiser
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OPR's Special Cases

Ohio Pug Rescue takes pride in the fact that we take any pug no matter its age, health or pedigree (PugBloods). When we get a pug into foster care we take care of any medical issues. ALL of our pugs need forever homes, especially the old, sick, and our pug bloods. Sometimes the pug will need on going care such as medicines, eye drops, a special home (no stairs, kids, other dogs, etc.), skin care, or other needs.

The young healthy pugs are usually easy to find homes for since that is what most people are looking for.  Our special pugs need to find that special home that is just right for them who will love them for how special they are.

All of our pugs are treated for any health problems by our wonderful vets. We take care of any surgeries or treatments needed such as antibiotics, skin treatments, or pain control.

Once OPR has gotten our pugs as healthy as they can be, they are available for adoption even if they are not in perfect condition. This means we need special people to open their homes and hearts to our special pugs. Listed below are some of the special pugs we have. If you feel that you can help one have a permanent home and all the love a pug needs please apply online to adopt. All adoption rules apply to our special pugs and sometimes even more! You must have all the specific requirements needed by the pug to be for adoption.

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OPR does not adopt outside of the state of Ohio, no exceptions. If you live outside Ohio and wish to adopt a Pug, please refer to your local Pug rescue.