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03/20: Enchildada Added to the Family Album
03/12: Thank you Samantha E. for your generous donation.
03/12: Thank you Susan S. for your generous donation.

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05/26/18: 20th Annual OPR Reunion & Fundraiser
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Relinquishment & Surrendering

Surrender Information Form

If you need to surrender a Pug, you must complete this form. You will be contacted by a volunteer as soon as possible. Please understand that we will not refuse assistance to any needy Pug, but it is essential that you provide complete, detailed and accurate information so that we can match the Pug with the most appropriate foster home.

If you have found a lost/stray Pug:

Please contact your local animal shelters and veterinarians offices prior to contacting Ohio Pug Rescue. Quite often, owners of lost pets have contacted these agencies looking for their pets. Additionally, shelters and veterinarians can scan the pet to see if it is microchipped and reunite it with its owner. We will happily accept found Pugs once preliminary efforts to find the owner have failed.

Was this Pug adopted from the Ohio Pug Rescue, Inc.?Yes
If yes, Date of Adoption? (If no, leave as today's date): /  / 
If yes, Pug's Rescue Name (if different than current name):
Have you made the final decision to surrender the Pug?Yes, I have made the final decision to surrender the dog.
No, I have not made the final decision to surrender the dog. I would like a volunteer to contact me to discuss my situation and explore options that might allow me to keep the dog.
Are you the legal owner of this Pug?Yes
If you are not the Legal Owner, please explain.
Pug's Name:
Pug's Color:Fawn
Pug's Sex:Male
Pug's Age (yrs):
Date of Birth (if unknown, leave as today's date): /  / 
Spayed or Neutered?Yes
Is this Pug purebred?Yes
If your Pug is a mix, what is it mixed with (please guess if unsure)?
Reason for Surrendering (check all that apply):New Baby
Not Home Enough/Not Enough Time
Moving and Cannot Take the Dog
Found as Stray
Behavior Issues
Health Issues - Owner
Health Issues - Dog
Cannot Afford Care
New Home
If your answer above was Behavior Issues or Other, please describe:
Please select any health problems:Eye Problems
Ear Problems
Breathing Problems
Heartworm Positive
Lyme Positive
Liver Shunt
Heart Problems
Arthritis/Joint Problems
Pug Encephalitis
If you answered Cancer or Other, please give some additional information.
Please select any behavior problems.:Aggressive Towards Other Dogs
Aggressive Towards Cats/Other Small Animals
Aggressive Towards Children
Aggressive Towards Adults
Barks Excessively
Escapes from Fence
Guards Food
Guards Toys/Other Possessions
Guards People
Please describe behavior problems:
Is your Pug housebroken?Yes
Is your Pug crate trained? Where does your Pug stay when you are not at home?
Date of last shots (if unknown, leave as today's date): /  / 
Current Vet Name:
Current Vet Phone: -  - 
Current Medications:
How did you learn about the Ohio Pug Rescue?Internet Search
Friend Referral
Vet Referral
Your Name:First:
Your Phone:Day: -  - 
Evening: -  - 
Your Email:
Your City, State:,
We may request that you provide transportation assistance to get your Pug to its foster home. Are you able and willing to assist with transporting your Pug into rescue?Yes
If you are able to help with transport, how far are you willing to travel?
We will work quickly to take your Pug into foster care but your flexibility is greatly appreciated. Please indicate how urgently you need to place the dog in foster care. Your response to the item below is only a guide that will help us prioritize your needs. Please remember, we use Volunteer Foster Homes and how quickly placement into rescue is based on availability of an open Foster Home at the time of your request.1-2 Weeks
2-3 Weeks
3-4 Weeks
4+ Weeks
Additional Comments:
Security Code:
(Case Sensitive - Please Double Check this Field)

By selecting Agree below, you signify that you have provided true information and that you understand the following:

A current photo of your Pug is required before we will proceed with your request.

Prior to accepting your Pug in rescue, you will be asked to provide vet records showing date of last vaccinations, any health issues, and proof of spay/neuter (if you have stated above that the Pug is spayed or neutered). Please obtain a copy of these records from your vet prior to arrangements being made to bring your Pug into rescue.

Ohio Pug Rescue is staffed exclusively by volunteers, most of whom have other full time jobs. Every effort is made to contact you regarding your request for surrender and to transition Pugs into foster care as quickly as possible but we ask your patience and flexibility as we work to make suitable arrangements for your Pug.

Please keep in mind that we use Volunteer Foster Homes for the pugs and how quickly placement into rescue takes place is based on availability of an open Foster Home at the time of your request.

In order to minimize the impact of the transition on the Pug, we ask you to surrender all the Pug's belongings (bedding, toys, crate, leash, food, medicines, food, etc.). Vet records are also essential in ensuring that the Pug receives proper medical care.

Please be aware that upon surrendering the Pug, you must complete and sign a surrender form granting the Ohio Pug Rescue legal ownership of the Pug. Once a Pug is surrendered to the Ohio Pug Rescue, it cannot be returned.

I Agree
I Do Not Agree

OPR does not adopt outside of the state of Ohio, no exceptions. If you live outside Ohio and wish to adopt a Pug, please refer to your local Pug rescue.